About Me

Welcome to my new site!

My full name is Christopher Goh Zhen Fung (or 吴政锋 in mandarin), but I prefer it when people just call me Chris.

I am currently a computer science sophomore studying at the National University of Singapore 🇸🇬. I am also a software engineer at Carousell at the moment, where I work on developing thoughtful and performant search experiences for the marketplace.

In school, I run a student organisation called NUS Hackers. We are an organisation that is commited to the spread of hacker culture and free, open source software. We organise workshops, meetups, and we organise Singapore’s largest student-run hackathon.

In my free time, I contribute to open-source code, brew some comfy and delicious coffee, and play some Dota 2 with my friends.

This site is still quite bare. Do check back again in the future and you might find something cool here!